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"Prior to FamilyPath, we had received services from two other ABA programs that weren't the right fit for my kids.  I was about to give up on ABA.  I was then told about FamilyPath and how they were different from what my family had experienced before. We decided to go and talk with them.  I think what stood out about FamilyPath the most was that I felt like somebody was really listening to us for the first time.  I believe what has meant the most to us so far is the empathy that everyone has at FamilyPath.  Every little step of progress is a big step for my kids and I'm glad we finally found the right program for our family.

I'm very glad we gave FamilyPath a chance."      

     - Christie, mother of 6 year old (son) and 4 year old (daughter)

"After being with FamilyPath for the last 6 months - every single thing I initially was told has held true.
They are 100% in this to do what is best for my son and my family.  Each staff member I have encountered is fully vested and looks to me as my son’s mother to guide them as to what his/our family’s needs are.

FamilyPath has completely changed our perception of what therapy is all about."        Read more...

     - Mother of 4 year old

"Mostly what I appreciate is how much everyone is so personally invested in Soren's whole person. It looks like Soren has a lot of grown up playmates, but next thing you know, he's not throwing dishes, he's eating 'duck pepperoni' (red peppers cut with duck cookie cutters), he's potty trained, he's saying that first he'll put on his shoes then he'll go outside, and those frustrating moments where we couldn't communicate with our baby have faded way into the past.

Soren has a sunshiny future and we appreciate every moment that our FamilyPath friends contributed to that success. I'm not overstating it. If you doubt it, you need to meet Soren."       Read more...

     -Kari, Mother of Soren ( age 3 )

"Para nuestra familia family path significa, honestidad, esperanza,dedicación ,personas que realmente aman lo que hacen, tuvimos muy mala experiencia con otros proveedores, para los cuales mi hijo con autismo solo era un número más, pero con FP es todo lo contrario, PADRES no dejen que otros proveedores les den lo que ELLOS quieren sino lo que sus hijos nesesitan, a FP en verdad le importan nuestros hijos, infórmense les aseguro que no se arrepentirán."

     -Christopher, Father