Shadow effect


"We started our search by going off of the recommendations given to us at the Waisman Center. We initially received services through another company in Madison and after about 1 year, we decided to look elsewhere.

When I made contact with Sam, I immediately knew this was absolutely going to be a different experience. Sam was warm, welcoming, and point blank put the needs of my family first. When Sam and Tiffany came out to our home for the intake visit, I felt like I’d known them for years. They were easy to talk to and treated me as an equally important part of the therapy team.

Tiffany asked me what our families goals were for therapy and talked to my son and his sister as if they were their own children. They listened to what we all had to say. They empathized with me on what a long and difficult road the road of intensive therapy is. Most importantly they made me feel like my son mattered to them. He was not just a number, another kid on the spectrum with cookie cutter needs. They complimented his skills and really listened to what HE had to say.

After being with FamilyPath for the last 6 months - every single thing I initially was told has held true. They are 100% in this to do what is best for my son and my family.

My daughter is present for about 90% of the therapy sessions and they do an excellent job incorporating her into the sessions, while targeting my son’s goals, so she does not feel left out. The in home staff are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable and will often come with fresh new ideas on ways we can liven up a session.  Each staff member I have encountered is fully vested and looks to me as my son’s mother to guide them as to what his/our family’s needs are.

FamilyPath has completely changed our perception of what therapy is all about."

                                                                                                                                                                            - Mother of 4 year old