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"We started our search for a treatment program in 2013 after our son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. We were told that ABA would be good for him. Living in Virginia with not a lot of help or understanding of ABA, I wanted to get our son help and because we were also seeing some similarities that our daughter was having, we moved back to Wisconsin and started our journey.

Prior to FamilyPath, we had received services from two other ABA programs that weren't the right fit for my kids.  During that time, I learned that just because people say they are experts in the field, doesn't mean they are experts in knowing your child and they don't always know what is best. I learned to trust myself in that I know my kids and what works for them and what doesn't. I learned that it's okay to speak up for your kids even if people don't like it. Most of all I learned that it takes people who are caring, have empathy, willing to listen to you, welcome your involvement with your child and not try to put your child in a "one size" fits all mold to make a good program.

I was about to give up on ABA.  I was then told about FamilyPath and how they were different from what my family had experienced before.  We decided to go and talk with them. I still felt worried. Will this program work?

I think what stood out about FamilyPath the most was that I felt like somebody was really listening to us for the first time. I was actually talking to somebody who cared and really wanted to help my children learn skills that will help them live their lives to the fullest in a natural way, like all kids learn. They are willing to try different ways to help my kids learn until we find the right way for them. FamilyPath is about treating kids like individuals who need different things. Nobody is the same, they may have the same diagnoses but that doesn't mean that they all learn in the same way. Both my kids learn in completely different ways and FamilyPath tailors their program to just what they need.

My daughter has grown and learned so much over the past few months just because FamilyPath has tailored a program to what she needs and how she learns best. I was amazed at how they were willing to listen to us and that they understood that I know my kids better than anyone else. They are willing to take the extra step and make sure our kids are learning what we feel is important and functional in a natural comfortable way for them. That's something we hadn't experienced with the other two providers.

Every day is different and presents new challenges but FamilyPath is willing to talk with you to help adjust what is needed to make the program work. I believe what has meant the most to us so far is the empathy that everyone has at FamilyPath. They understand that we are just parents and children going through something difficult and all they want to do is make things better for us. I'll never stop speaking up and I will always be involved with my kids and finding people that welcome your voice is wonderful and means a lot to me.

They really do care about my kids and my family. They want to see them grow and learn in a way that makes sense for them.

I know we still have a long road ahead of us but I know in my heart had FamilyPath been around 2 years ago I would of started with them because above anything else they treat my kids like kids, who like all kids love to play, laugh, learn and sometimes have hard days just like everyone does. It makes all the difference in the world when you surround your family with people that truly care.

Every little step of progress is a big step for my kids and I'm glad we finally found the right program for our family.

I'm very glad we gave FamilyPath a chance."     

                                                                    - Christie, mother of 6 year old (son) and 4 year old (daughter)