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Parent Education Curriculum

Parents are the primary teachers of all young children and this is not different for children with autism.  FamilyPath provides a practical and innovative training curriculum for parents with children in our intervention program.

The curriculum outlines and teaches core strategies for engaging the child, educating parents on the how and why these strategies impact the child's development.

Involving parents and caregivers in the delivery of treatment is a primary goal of our Parent Education Curriculum.

At FamilyPath, we regard families as essential members of the team and we are committed to providing them with the supports they need to become confident in using the ESDM strategies.  

Key Features of our Parent Education Curriculum

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The family to learns alongside the treatment team to support the child's learning and communication during normal daily routines.

This is achieved through a variety of methods including:

  • Readings
  • Videos
  • Real-time Practice and Coaching
  • Simple “homework”

Parental goals are included in the treatment plan objectives.

Partnering among team and family to recognize and support changes that may impact the child and other family members as the program is implemented.

Support, educate and prepare parents and caregivers for a lifetime of advocacy for their child.