Getting Started

Call FamilyPath
Our Intake Director will gather information to understand your needs and provide a description of our program and clinical team, examine your funding options and answer any questions you may have. Together, we will determine if our services are
a fit for your family and schedule an intake meeting with a Lead Therapist.

Welcome Packet
Prior to your intake meeting, we will send you a Welcome Packet via email.  This    packet includes forms that you complete electronically which provide our staff with important information
about your child’s history.  We may also request your child’s diagnostic report, most recent Birth to 3 IFSP or school IEP, and any outside therapy reports.  (Please send these before your intake meeting)

This informative session with a Lead Therapist will give you the opportunity to share your story, learn about our program and ask any questions you may have. The Lead Therapist will also make low-stress observations of your child (no formal testing).

You decide whether FamilyPath is a fit for your family and let us know. If so, we will continue down the path to services.  If not, we would appreciate your feedback on an exit survey so we can improve our services for future

Startup Packet
We will send you a Startup Packet via email with information to get your child’s treatment program started.

First Home Visit
The Lead Therapist & Program Manager will come to your home to review program procedures and policies with you. They will also begin systematically  assessing your child’s skills.  Together, your family and the Lead will choose appropriate treatment goals for your child.

Regular Sessions Begin
The Program Manager will begin home sessions with the child to get to know him/her, and establish play routines and activities to teach the team. The Program Manager will continue to orient the family to our procedures and record-keeping systems. The Program Manager will begin bringing new team members to the home within 1-2 weeks.

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